Be Anxious No More

From an Anxious Heart to a Peaceful Heart

In this book, Shiketa share her Journey through the Valley of Anxiety. You will also find facts about Anxiety including: How Anxiety affects the heart,  life style changes to make,  the power of Journaling, The power of Essential Oils, The magic of Talk Therapy, other natural remedies to help you to beat Anxiety and so much more.  See the reviews Below and download your copy today!  

 "This amazing book "Be Anxious No More" is one that will give you peace from the beginning to the end. It will help you to know that you're more than a conquer. I totally recommend this book to anyone who maybe going through any type of life struggles, fears or feel as though they aren't able to overcome. It will give you a different outlook on how important life is suppose to be." ENJOY!! 

~Michelle Morgan,

North Carolina 

 "I thought this book was phenomenal. Very easy read and very enlightening. As I started reading the scriptures at the end I could literally feel the peace of GOD. I can't wait to read your other books."

-Tamekia Washington,

St. Louis, Missouri

"OMG !! So I took the rest of my night and this morning to read your book I was up so late because I just couldn't put it down though I don't suffer with anxieties, I have experienced Trauma from loss and I just want to say this book truly walked us through the steps of experiencing these emotions and being able to encounter and overcome them. I love the fact that you offered your story your experience and then you offered natural remedies spiritual healing back up by scripture and also physical methods and ways to overcome these emotions and anxieties this was a very good book and I believe that it is going to help so many people out of not just anxiety but depression worry fear re encounters and proper healing I thank you for sharing this with me and I believe that you are going to help change save and heal many lives with this book as it definitely soothed me as I read this book I thought about the loss of my father and a very dear family member of mine whose lives truly impacted me and now they're gone I often struggle with the emotions of missing them but after reading your book your experience encounters and strategies it was so reflecting and set methods I believe that even when I encounter these emotions I will be able to conquer and overcome with the steps in this amazing book that you have shared Thank you Miss Morgan you are truly changing lives."

Layla Mayo,

Atlanta Georgia

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