Build Your Business by Faith Book

Growth Strategies for Business Success!

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"Shiketa's transparency in this gem of a book will propel any business leader to think bigger, think greater and to do it with faith! This book is packed with helpful insights of how to grow a successful business."

Regina Miller, Witchita KS

Owner Princeton Children's Center & R. Miller Consulting LLC

"I would like to say thank you so much for this book "Building Your Business By Faith" It has touched me in various of ways and touched on many subjects that was very necessary for me to plug into. By sharing your experience in depth and touching on many subjects such as moving forward afraid even in your mistakes even when you get yourself in a cringe for ignore things that are necessary and very important to acknowledge. It encouraging and reminding us that Our words do have power and even when things start to decline and doors start Too close . To keep the faith and push through the Journey, and in fact means that it's time to expand and move forward in your business not quit! And because I am not okay with my business being small this is just the book for me! These are my biggest takeaways after reading this book I am inspired to get a business coach 2 overview and help guide me through my expanding Journey this book is truly an outline for me and my business endeavors moving forward. It has inspired me to re-evaluate and take a second look at my mindset and vision in my company's Layla's E.V.P. & Youth on the Move. Moreover after reading I am even more inspired to open up new branches of my company in various States where I was once a little afraid before. Thank you so much Mrs. Morgan for being an open-book and sharing your business and much of your personal journey with us as it has truly helped me on mine In many ways."

Layla Mayo, Atlanta Georgia

Overseer and production manager of "Layla's Even Planning And Entertainment" Provisions and Director of the nonprofit "Youth On The Move"

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