Child Care Business Start-up Bundle Package

Get the Information and Coaching that you need to start that Child Care Business. Stop trying to figure it out and get coaching from someone that has been where you are trying to go.

Start-up Bundle Package

Owning a Childcare Business comes with many rewards. In fact, you get to make a difference in our next generation, provide parents with a safe place for their young children and build a profitable five or six figure business (you choose) for years to come! The Business of Child Care is in Demand. According to the United States Census Bureau, Child care options outside of the home have expanded greatly over the last several decades. In 2007, there were 766,401 child care facilities in the United States, up from 262,511 facilities in 1987. And steadily rising! However, making the decision to start a Child Care Business can be quite challenging if you do not have the information you need to get started. In fact, starting up a Child Care Business involves lots of strategic planning and many decisions must be made during the start-up process. That is why I created the Start-up Bundle Package! The Start-up Bundle package includes the following:
  • 1- Hour of Personalized Start-up Coaching
  • 2 Free ebooks including (10 Steps to Starting a Child Care Business)
  • Free Monthly Subscription to a Child Care Business membership Club of your Choice
  • Download link to a Sample Business Plan Template
  • Start-up Tips via email until your Child Care Business Opens!

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