Doing Business by Faith

Steps to Walking by Faith while Building a Successful Business

A Guide for Business Owners to Discover what it takes to Do Business by Faith while: building a Successful Business!

“After reading Doing Business By Faith, any business owner, new or seasoned, will be inspired and have their passion for business, reignited! Shiketa not only openly tells of her own failures and successes in business, but shares practical biblical principles that readers can apply to their own business to operate by faith.She provides room for reflection that helps you truly align your business with your God given vision and purpose. I recommend this ebook to anyone who has a genuine desire to pursue their passion, are willing to step out on faith, and truly trust God to direct their journey.”

Bio: Tamyka Washington is a wife, mother to six, online marketing consultant and mentor. She helps women and mom entrepreneurs make online marketing easier by helping them design an effective online marketing system so they can attract their ideal clients, save more time and increase profits. Visit her online at:

“Shiketa Morgan gives solid advice that is relevant and timely in regards to business and faith. This is an insightful and interesting book that encourages people to conduct business activities in a positive manner based on wisdom and unshakable faith. The lessons in the book are set up in an easily understood manner. While this book is targeted towards a business audience, the lessons will motivate anyone who reads it.”

Deborah Francis is the COO & President of Built To Prosper Companies. Deborah is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, investor, keynote speaker, recognized industry thought leader, and an expert on business development. Deborah Francis has developed curriculum and delivered training sessions specifically related to entrepreneurship, small business development, and professional development. Deborah has trained, led and mentored hundreds of people with her functional knowledge and educational background. Visit her Website:

I just finished reading your ebook. "Doing Business by Faith" It was touching, heart warming and very inspiring. My eyes even watered up (NO I WASNT CRYING. LOL) because it inspired me so much. I couldn't stop reading until I was completely done. I even had to use my book light so my hubby could sleep. LOL. I just want to say thank you not just for this book but for always being available when I needed to talk about business or had questions. You're a wonderful person, Mother, Wife, Woman of God and personally I can't wait to get this coaching session started. 16 years in this business and I'm still learning and growing. Thank you. My hat goes off to you. May God continue to bless you as you bless and inspire others.~Audra, Memphis Tennessee

"I am so thankful for Shiketa's inspiration and motivation within this book. Doing business by faith really sparked some of my faith ideas and passions to come into fruition. Easy and Great read! I did not want to put it down. You will leave this book with the faith to make it happen in your business!~"

Bio: Andrea Dickerson Founder of I Own A You can say that Andrea Dickerson is All Things Childcare! Visit her website

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